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Storm Damage & Insurance

Learn How to Handle Your Insurance Company After Storm Damage

Need Help Filing an Insurance Claim for Storm Damage?

Severe weather can do a lot of damage to your roof and property through various means. The worst part is that storm damage can infiltrate any weakened or absent materials, allowing moisture to get through your roofing materials. This could lead to the compromise of your underlayment and decking, which can lead to signs of water damage in your walls and ceilings.

Acting as fast as you can to report any storm damage to your insurance provider is crucial. Failing to do so could result in the expiration of the filing deadline for your insurance claim. Even if you manage to file on time, navigating the process of storm damage insurance can be rough. At Dynamic Home Improvements, our team of experts can assist you throughout the process. 

We’ll be there to provide professional replacement or roof repair in Bergen County  once the claim is settled. We’ve worked on all types of commercial and residential roofing, so you can trust our results. We also offer many additional services to patch up your property when you call us today!

Take Pictures of Storm Damages

If your roof has sustained damage after a storm, or you suspect it has, the first step is to gather evidence. Take detailed photographs of the affected areas of your property and roof. The primary reason for this is to provide evidence that the damage was caused by the storm, as your insurance provider may attempt to attribute it to past wear and tear.

In some cases, their adjuster may argue that the storm damage was caused by cosmetic damages of your roof over time. At Dynamic Home Improvements, we have extensive experience with storm damage insurance claims and roof replacement in Bergen County. Our team can guide you through the documentation process and help you maximize your claim chances.

When the insurance provider sends their adjuster to assess the damage to your roof and property, you should have a copy of your evidence ready. If you’ve had any previous roof repair, maintenance, or replacement work done, keep receipts of all the work to demonstrate that you take good care of your roof.

Give Your Insurance Carrier a Call

Once the storm has passed, you need to report the storm damages to your roof and the rest of your property to your insurance provider. It might be that harsh winds tore up your siding or you notice issues with the flashing for your chimney repair in Bergen County. All of these count as storm damage and should be reported to fit in with your filing. 

While the carrier is preparing to send their adjuster, you’ll have time to gather all of your photographs and receipts. It’s important to contact your insurance company promptly to avoid any risk of your claim becoming invalid or being deprioritized due to a delay. If you need help filing your storm damage insurance claim, you can call us today, too!

Choose Your Contractor

Once you’ve reported your storm damage and filed your insurance claim, the next step is to select a roofing contractor in Bergen County for your roof repair. It’s advisable to search for positive reviews online and ensure that the contractor you choose has experience in the specific service you require. At Dynamic Home Improvements, we specialize in a wide range of professional services.

We’ve worked on both residential and commercial properties to provide anything from basic repairs to complete roof replacement. Water damage is one of the most significant dangers of a storm, as moisture can seep through cracked materials and reach the underlayment and decking. This can lead to issues like mold growth and weakened foundation. 

The damage can also manifest on your walls and ceiling. Strong winds can cause damage to your roof and materials, not to mention the rest of your property. While your insurance company may recommend a contractor, restoration services don’t fall under this requirement. You have the freedom to choose any contractor you trust for your roofing services unless your policy has a clause that forces a “managed repair program” for property damage that’s covered.

It’s best to avoid policies with this clause to keep your options open and choose your own roofer. Dynamic Home Improvements has experience with many aspects of roofing and property damage, especially after a storm. We can deliver quality results on your home or business when you give us a call today!

How to Spend Your Claim Return

When filing a claim, it’s important to keep in mind that the processing time may take several months. While there may be various options available for repairing your property, we strongly advise against attempting it yourself. Inexperienced attempts may result in injuries from falling or exacerbating the storm damages, which can also come from hiring the wrong contractor.

To avoid voiding warranties or ruining your claim, our team at Dynamic Home Improvements is the best choice. With extensive experience in storm damage repair and numerous services, we’ll begin with an inspection to assess the damages. We know what to look for, because water damage can show in a lot of ways, from the roofing and walls to the ceiling and attic space. 

Once our inspection is complete, we’ll recommend the best materials and services to keep your home or business secure. We know all about various roofing types and services, which makes us a top choice for all your needs. We can handle anything from complex roof replacement to siding repair in Bergen County , so give us a call about your storm damage today! 

File for a Claim Reversal

Severe weather can cause significant property damage, leading to costly roof repairs. It might not just be your roof, either, because you could need something like gutter repair in Bergen County after a storm. Even with a successful insurance claim, you may still face out-of-pocket expenses if your coverage only partially reimburses you. 

Insurance companies often try not to pay more than necessary to move a claim along. To improve your chances of receiving full compensation, the documentation mentioned earlier can help tremendously. At Dynamic Home Improvements, we can offer valuable advice to help you increase your likelihood of a successful claims reversal when you call us now!

Tips for Making an Insurance Claim

There are many ways that a storm can damage your home or business. That’s why you deserve someone like Dynamic Home Improvements with experience in different properties and services. We know the best ways to improve your insurance claim and protect your property. Here are some basic tips to maximize your claim:

Use text alerts on your phone to stay updated on your claim. The first alert should come through once you’ve filed your claim successfully. Since many companies utilize texts and SMS messages now, you can also use these alerts to find out the status of your claim, how much you’ll be covered, and when it’s estimated to arrive.

Keep pictures and documents related to your roof and storm damage. It might seem obvious, but take pictures of everything after a storm to showcase all of the damages it caused. You should also keep a folder or something for all of the receipts from previous roofing work done on your property. 

Once you’ve contacted your insurance company, they’ll send out an adjuster. Give a copy of your evidence to the adjuster for review, because that can aid your case that your residential or commercial roofing in Bergen County was affected by the storm. All documentation should have a date and valuation with it, too.

Hold onto storm-damaged items until you’re told it’s okay to discard them. Since insurance claims can take months to go through, it’s important to keep things just in case. In some cases, it’s illegal to retain certain items. Those should be photographed and noted in detail before getting rid of them.

Use a journal to keep things organized. Along with taking pictures, note the details of anyone you interact with during the insurance claim process. Make sure to include their name, position, and contact information. It’s also important to record the date, subject, and time of your conversation for future reference.

This could come up again in the case of a claim reversal later. It could also be useful if your property is ever damaged by a storm and you have to file another claim. You could also use a binder to store your journal and documentation in one place.

Reach out to your insurance carrier as soon as possible. There’s a limited window of opportunity to file an insurance claim after a storm. Insurance companies usually have a deadline for claims. After that window has passed, a claim can be rejected. Delaying your claim can tell them that the storm damages weren’t that serious and they might prolong the process.

When contacting your insurance company, make sure you have your policy number and a reachable email or phone number. The severity of the storm damage can affect the speed of your claim. These can take months to resolve, so also inform them of any special needs your family may have to prioritize your claim.

You should know that any flood damage and subsequent claim will need a separate claim through that insurance provider. Either way, it’s a good idea to find out the estimated time that your adjuster will come. Have the documentation and receipts prepared for that time. Also get their supervisor’s number in case the adjuster has difficulty reaching you. 

It’s important to be familiar with the emergency services available in your area. While Dynamic Home Improvements specializes in roofing services, there are other urgent needs that may arise after a storm. Emergency services can assist with tasks such as boarding up doors, repairing windows, or removing water from a flooded property.

To prevent further damage, emergency personnel can cover your damaged roof with a tarp or other materials before the next storm hits. If you can no longer live in your home due to the  storm damages, your insurance company may provide a living expenses allowance.

Our trained experts at Dynamic Home Improvements offer many services to keep your home or business protected. We care about our customers and provide professional expertise on the storm damage claims process, too. When you’re ready for the full service for your roof repair, call us today!


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